COOWIN Capped Composite Decking Installation Beside the Sea in Surinam



It is enjoyable for people to spend the holiday visiting the coastal places, where are various interesting things to be explored. Traveling the coastal places are going to be the trend followed by travel enthusiasts. Co-extruded composite decking installation is also the method to make the places more convenient and beautiful, and the well-designed co-extruded composite decking can match the surrounding sceneries to create surprisingly beautiful views.

COOWIN CO-05 co-extruded composite decking is successfully installed to create a beautiful square for people to walk with freedom. Environmental-friendly building material can make better co-extruded composite decking leading a healthy life for people, without any waste of natural resources or environmental pollution. Co-extruded composite decking is also strong enough to bear all harms caused by being exposed to the sun and rain all year round. The color of the co-extruded composite decking is naturally graceful making a balance between people and nature. What’s more, co-extruded composite decking can be used for many decades, with the excellent corrosion protection features.