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Consumer reports composite decking what is the best?

May 09, 2022

As an alternative to wood, composite decking boards are the most popular. It has advantages such as weather resistance and low maintenance cost. In addition, it has very good slip resistance, making it ideal for outdoor use. There are many different composite decking brands on the market, so which composite decking is best?

what is the best composite decking?

Now, composite wood decking is becoming more and more popular every year. If you are considering building a new deck or remodeling an existing deck. A wood-plastic composite decking is definitely a good choice.

Then, do you know which composite decking brands are best? Today, we will introduce the best composite decking brands for your review and comparison. Then, you’ll have a better understanding to choose which composite decking and the supplier. And choose the best composite decking and best composite decking cost.

Here are some main brands for your reference:


You’ve probably heard of Trex if you’ve done any other research on outdoor composite decking before coming to this website. They are without a doubt one of the most popular composite decking brands available.

This is due in part to the high-quality trim materials they use. It’s more about exposure, though. It’s listed on HGTV as a trim option for the HGTV Dream Home. And it not only highlights Trex, but it’s also a composite trim.


Fiberon is a company that specializes in composite decking. From trim to fascia and railings, they have everything you need. They also have one of the most diverse styles and color palettes.

You’ll find it here, whether you want a natural wood look or a sleek new look. Fiberon uses a variety of composite materials, with cellular foam polymers being the most common. Each style has a three- or four-sided cap with a slightly different finish.


MoistureShield makes high-quality products that are well worth your time. While they don’t have the same variety of options or composite decking colors as the other brands on this list, they do have moisture resistance.

Vision, Elevate, and Vantage is the three shopping lines. Solid Core is used on all three boards. This is a unique construction method that involves pressing and molding planks to create solid parts.

All planks are waterproof, which means they won’t absorb moisture at any point. While some companies advise against building decks near pools, MoistureShield encourages you to do so. Explain that the floor can be installed on the ground, above it, or even underwater.


TimberTech is available in three different styles, each with its own set of characteristics and color options. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, from pricey Vintage collections to budget-friendly Primer collections.

The combination of the three types of boards can be perplexing. However, there isn’t much of a difference between them in reality. All of the boards are made of plastic rather than wood. Contractors and installers prefer them because of their durability and ease of installation.

The sheet is also resistant to fading, cracking, and weathering. Sustainable planks are water and weather-resistant, making them ideal for use in any climate. They also have a layer that protects them from fading and staining.


For your reference, currently, there are more than 200 wood plastic composite decking suppliers in China. COOWIN is officially recognized by China as “one of the top ten WPC wood plastic brands”. The products sell well in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and the response is good due to the super quality, nice design, and customized service.

They have developed artistic colors with a natural wood feel and have been leading the way in the WPC industry. Also, the 3D wood grain surface makes the finished effect look more like wood. These are their patents and still lead the market till now.

Advantages of COOWIN decking

Here are the advantages of COOWIN decking:

  • Natural wood effect, especially with 3D embossing and art color
  • Good waterproofness, slip resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance
  • Easy installation and we can supply the full set of decking accessories
  • Low maintenance, no need for painting, long-lasting for long time use
  • Cost-effective, more and more clients import now for the best product and best price

If you want to know more about composite decking material, contact us freely. We’ll answer your questions. Besides, we can also provide you with composite decking free samples.

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