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Composite Wall Siding Project Case in Singapore

November 30, 2021

WPC is short for Wood Plastic Composite. It is made from a mixture of wood fiber powder, recyclable plastic materials, and some chemical additives. Today, WPC materials are used in many applications. Composite wall cladding is being applied to residential and commercial building renovations. Composite wall cladding can add character, aesthetic value, and texture to outdoor walls. Composite wall cladding has a natural texture and sheen. Renovate your home with a well-designed look and high-value aesthetics.

Benefits of Composite wall cladding

So why should you choose composite wall cladding over other options? Because composite wall cladding has many benefits. It can bring a unique style to the exterior of your building and provide superior protection to your exterior. It can also increase the resale value of your home.

Low Maintenance

Composite wall cladding is very low maintenance. You will spend little time and money on post-maintenance. Unlike other claddings, it does not require constant staining, sanding, and painting. High-quality composite wall cladding can completely cover the wall. This will save you more time and make your installation easier. If you choose COOWIN composite wall cladding, it will last at least 25 years without replacement, except for daily wiping and cleaning.

composite wall cladding

Environmentally friendly

In addition, composite wall cladding is a very environmentally friendly material. That is far less polluting than cement cladding. Composite wall cladding is made from recycled wood, recycled plastic, and other environmentally friendly materials. composite wall cladding gives these materials a second life and maximizes their performance. Composite wall cladding gives these materials a second life and maximizes their usefulness.


Composite wall cladding is versatile. And with a variety of styles and colors to choose from, it can meet your needs and fit your aesthetic. Whether you choose slate grey for a minimalist look or a walnut effect for your home. Composite wall cladding can be customized to meet your specifications. Not only that, composite wall cladding has the potential to increase the value of your home. No matter which style or look you choose, it will last for a very long time. Composite wall cladding is also effective against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

More Durable

Composite wall cladding is even more durable. It is resistant to extreme weather, rot, cracking, and UV rays. Therefore it is a better choice of material than wood. Using moisture capping technology provides superior protection for your composite wall cladding. Whether your home is located in an area with extreme weather or in a coastal area, composite wall cladding is a safer, more durable choice.


Composite wall cladding is decorative, but it’s also very practical. Composite wall cladding provides an additional layer of cladding. That creates a very strong protective layer around the building. It effectively insulates against noise, heat, and cold and has good insulation properties. This allows you to easily regulate the temperature of the room, allowing you to save on heating and cooling costs. Bringing you a better quality living environment.

outdoor composite wall panel

Easy to install

Composite wall cladding can be easily installed on top of brick, concrete, and various materials. It is very easy to install in both commercial and home buildings. You can even install composite wall cladding yourself. Once the joists are installed each piece of composite wall cladding can be easily inserted into the next piece of the deck and locked into place. It is easy to insert and can also be screwed together using hidden fixings.


Due to the lower upfront cost, traditional lumber seems to be a more affordable option. But when you consider the cost of maintenance later on, composite wall cladding is a more frugal option. COOWIN composite wall cladding requires no expensive and ongoing maintenance. Gives you long-lasting aesthetics.

outdoor composite wall siding


COOWIN composite siding is growing to be a well-known and world-famous composite building material manufacturer in China. Composite decking, composite wall cladding, and composite railing are the main products.

Composite wall cladding can be used to renovate and decorate your house with a unique style. With high-value aesthetics, composite wall siding can help you create the style you want in your home.

Composite wall cladding looks beautifully designed and the plates match perfectly to make the house stand out.

COOWIN composite siding is the perfect choice for anyone looking to renovate or build. From commercial buildings to private residences, composite siding can be used for any type of construction. Giving you a longer life span in addition to the aesthetic and environmental benefits.

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