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Composite Decking with Coffee Shade in United Arab Emirates

December 02, 2021

The outdoor composite decking can make your home much more beautiful and cleaner, creasing the warmth and comfort of the backyard. Composite decking is much stronger when compared with traditional wood decking.

COOWIN composite decks are a good option for you to decorate your house with the style you want. How to choose the right WPC decking is also important you need to consider seriously.

composite decking boards

The composite decking will not be corroded during its twenty-year warranty period, avoiding the hazards of temperature and climate changes.

WPC decking installation is easier to install than traditional building materials. You can cut the composite materials into the shape and size you need during the installation process. You can choose a flat and solid ground as the basis for installing laminate flooring.

The composite decking installation case in the United Arab Emirates is a good example, showing various benefits of composite decking. The composite floor can create a clean and tidy area for you to enjoy a good time with your family members, reading books, listening to music, playing some games so on. Composite decking can be a good choice for children. Here are some pros in the following:

outdoor composite decking


The surface of the composite board is non-slip, which is safe protecting children away from potential harm. Wood-like textured surface has certain friction creating non-slippery decking which is friendly for walking, jogging, and running. It is safer and warmer when compared with the concrete floor or marble floor.

Low maintenance

The traditional wood floor needs to be coated or painted frequently to keep the surface looking new like before. Composite decking doesn’t need any complicated maintenance work, easy cleaning with water can keep it clean. It’s much easy to swipe off oil stain, besmirch left on the surface.


WPC decking is made of wood fiber powder, recycled plastic material, and other chemical additives, which is an environmental-friendly building material, saving natural resources and decreasing white pollution.

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