Composite Decking vs Wood Decking Cost | COOWIN




Over the last several decades, with time goes by, the development of the composite decking products is becoming more and more mature, which can push the composite decking to become more and more popular.

There is a wide range of options available for consumers to choose from, including durable composite decking and long-lasting WPC decking, and also here is the way for the capped composite decking.  

Compared with the traditional wood decking, composite decking is an environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly construction material, with the various advantages that traditional wood material doesn’t have. Owning unique qualities and benefits, composite decking is a little expensive than the wood decking.

Wood decking is easy to be faded, it is also easy to be corroded by the changes of the temperature and climate in the surrounding environment, which is the main point resulting in that wood decking doesn’t have the long-lasting shelf life. Therefore, in the long run, composite decking is a cheaper option compared with the usage of the wood decking.

What’s more, composite decking can be designed with the natural texture and natural color like the real wood. Because composite decking is made of the mixture material of 100% recycled plastic material, wood powder fiber, and other chemical additives.

Composite decking is also can be added as a protective layer that helps composite decking be away from the potential harms. So you can keep it a good option for you to decorate your home yard with a clean and tidy place where you can enjoy a lot of fun with your family.  

Composite decking has various benefits, with low maintenance and high performance, helping you save the cost of decking maintenance and cleaning.

Composite decking from COOWIN Group with high quality can meet your satisfaction with the composite decking selection. 25-year residential warranty for the composite decking material defects, termites, and rot damages is the strong assurance for creating a beautiful house.