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Composite Decking Installation Case in Bulgaria

December 02, 2021

As technology has grown and changed, composite decks have become more durable. It is easy to install, doesn’t need much upkeep, and is good for the environment. So, people are choosing it more often instead of standard wood.

Composite decking is made from a mix of reclaimed plastic and wood fibers. This gives it the look of real wood and makes it strong and long-lasting. In the next part, we’ll look at the case of installing composite decks in Bulgaria.

Composite decks have many advantages

Composite decks do make crowded areas cleaner, and they are also easy to put together. Decking can make your room look better because it has different textures and looks. And composite materials use more recycled materials, which is good for the earth and cuts down on the number of trees that need to be cut down.


Composite decking lasts longer because it is made of different materials and is put together in different ways. It is less likely to be damaged by natural weather, water, insects, or UV rays. This means that composite decks are less likely to crack or rot than wood decks. It also lasts longer. Most composite decks last between 25 and 30 years.

Low maintenance

Traditional woods need regular care, like sanding or painting, which can be a pain. Composite decking, on the other hand, doesn’t need this step at all and needs very little care and maintenance. Use warm washing water and a deck brush to clean your deck on a regular basis.

Even though it doesn’t need much care, we still think you should have it deep cleaned twice a year. Some dirt and trash are hard to get rid of and can cause water and mold to build up. Deep cleaning might be the best way to solve this problem.


Composite materials are made from a mix of recycled materials. Because of this, they are very good for the earth because they reduce the amount of wood waste and cutting. This is a better choice for people who want to protect the earth.

Variety of looks

Changing how the outside of a building looks can make it more appealing. So it’s important to pick a style that goes better with the building.

There are more styles and looks for composite decks, so you can choose the right one based on your ideas and plans. Because composite materials don’t fade when exposed to UV light, they still look the same after a long time.

Easy to install

Some homeowners want to build their own outdoor place, and composite decking can help them do that. It’s very easy to put together. Just read the instructions carefully and use common tools to finish your outdoor place. You can also save money by cutting down on work costs when you build your own deck.

Composite decking installation process

Making plans and designs

If you hire a professional installer, you can get a thorough plan and design for your installation. Homeowners will have to choose the design plan and look of the materials based on what they want.

Preparing the site

Clean up the area where the installation will happen to make sure that the installation won’t hurt the deck. Dig up the ground and make a level surface for your deck by packing down the dirt in the area where it will go and adding a layer of rock blocks.

Putting up the frame

A very important step in building a deck is putting in the frame and joists. Your outdoor deck’s sturdiness and how long it lasts depend directly on how the structure was put together. Use stronger materials for the frame, and talk to the builder before you put it up. Make sure it fits right so that your deck is safe and stable.

Install plastic decking

Cut your deck to size with a saw and pay close attention to the steps for putting it together. Make sure the decking is placed with even gaps and screws or hidden fasteners to keep it in place.

Adding Details

Putting some decorations on your outdoor deck can make it look more attractive and beautiful. Installing things like stair treads, railings, or lights can give your outdoor space a more unique look.


Composite decking now has benefits that wood decking can’t offer. So it is a better choice for building. If you follow the steps and instructions for installing your deck the right way, you can turn your outdoor space into a beautiful and useful place.

FAQ about composite boards

Can you put your composite decks inside?

Yes. COOWIN composite decking is one of the few outdoor materials that can be used inside because it is durable and can be used in different ways. But it still needs a strong base to sit on, which is often harder to find indoors than outside.

Does the color of your WPC fade or change?

The anti-UV additives in COOWIN wood decks make them less likely to fade, stain, and grow mold. But any material that is outside will fade over time if it is exposed to sunlight or bright lights. And after 12 to 16 weeks from the time it was put up, it will have a uniform color that looks like it has been aged.

Is your product fire-resistant?

The fire resistance of a COOWIN composite product is better than that of standard wood. But they are not safe from fire. Our decking still has a fire grade of Class B.

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