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Composite Decking Installation Case in Australia

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Composite decking is becoming a more popular building material because it lasts longer and doesn’t need much upkeep. Composite decks are a great alternative to standard wood decks and have many more benefits. Here’s how COOWIN composite decking was installed in Australia.

Composite Decking Project

Composites are the most popular type of building material on the market right now. COOWIN can make composite decks that look better. That will make building easier and give people more peace of mind. COOWIN composite decking is a building material that is very good for the environment. It can be used to build you a beautiful, long-lasting place to hang out outside.

Composite decks can go anywhere around the house. Like the living room, porch, yard, back garden, etc. A great place for the whole family to spend their free time in peace. Composite decking is neat and clean, and kids can play games on it barefoot. Let’s talk about what composite decking is made of and what its benefits are.

Things about a composite wood deck

Composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood fibers, and it has a protected layer on top that makes it last longer. It is durable and good for the environment, and it comes in many styles and colors. Because there are so many styles, it’s easy to find one that goes with your home’s design.

Composite decking boards are easy to install and keep up, so they make a great place for family events. It’s easy to clean and wash, so it will stay clean and look like new. Traditional wood decks are harder to put together than composite decks, which saves a lot of time and money.

outdoor living space deck

Composite deck boards are made from wood, plastic, and bamboo. So, there are no chemicals that are bad for you. So it is good for people’s health and the environment. It is much stronger than pure wood because of how dense it is. We can also cut it into different forms for installation.

Less maintenance

People work all day and night these days, so they’d rather spend their free time loving life and being with their families. Because of this, homeowners need a deck that needs less upkeep. And this is one of COOWIN composite decking’s best features.

Traditional wood is more likely to rot, crack, and warp, so it needs more care and upkeep. Composite decks, on the other hand, are much more sturdy and don’t break down as quickly. This means you don’t have to paint or seal the decks and you’ll need to do less upkeep. But your composite decking needs to be cleaned regularly, which is easy to do with warm water and a deck brush. Cleaning your deck often will keep it in better shape and will go a long way toward making it last longer.


We all want our outdoor places to last longer, and if you choose composite decking, you can make that happen. Because composite materials have plastic in them, they make better decks that won’t crack or rot. Composite decking also lasts longer than standard wood decking. Traditional wood usually lasts about 10 years, and even with proper care and maintenance, it only lasts 15 years. Composite decks, on the other hand, can last for more than 30 years and don’t fade very quickly. Because of this, it is the best choice for a wide range of homes.

Slip-proof and hard to wear

Traditional wood can make your deck very slippery in some wet places. But if the decking is made of composite materials, there is no chance of falling at all. Most composite decking is very slip-resistant. The surface of the deck has a highly pressed texture that gives it more grip.

garden composite decking baord


Composite decking is less expensive because it lasts longer, needs less upkeep, and doesn’t slip. Composite decking is great for people who want a more durable outdoor deck but don’t want to spend a lot of time keeping it up.

In short, composite decking is a great choice if you want a decking material that is durable, doesn’t need much upkeep, and is easy to install. Composite decks are a great deal for the money because they last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often. A composite outdoor deck is also a long-term investment, and it can add some value to your house.

As a device that is used outside, COOWIN has high standards for how well it works. As well as meeting most of the world’s basic wants. COOWIN’s research and development (R&D) team has made special wood-plastic goods that can withstand harsh weather. Such as high humidity, high temperatures, and strong corrosion, to meet the needs of specific uses.

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