Composite decking has various advantages


Designing and building a composite decking project needs a lot of ideas, you need to spend much time and money on it. It is important for you to make planning about how to build it, which is a long-term project requiring you to do a lot of detailed work including getting to know composite decking colors, surfaces, arts, etc. Here is a case showing why you can use composite decking to replace the traditional wood products.

Composite decking is made of wood plastic composite material which is the mixture substance of wood fiber powder, recycled plastic particles, and some chemical additives. WPC material can be made into the composite decking in the factory, even with different colors, patterns, surfaces. Composite decking has high strength and low maintenance compared with traditional type wood material, keeping the wood-like surface texture at the same time,

Composite decking material can be nailed, drilled, sharpened, sawed, planed, and painted like the real wood, and it is not easily deformed or cracked in order to create matched composite decking pieces to build the whole composite decking floor.

What’s more, composite decking material has a longer life span than real wood, with the help of various features including anti-bugs, anti-corrosion, water-proof, anti-UV, etc.

Finally, please go to the COOWIN website to know more about composite decking.