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Composite Decking installation for Swimming Pool in Chile

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Installing a pool in your outdoor space is essential during the hot summer months. One factor to focus on when installing a pool, though, is what type of decking material to use. There are many building materials to choose from. But as technology has advanced, composite decks have become a popular choice for more homeowners.

Using composite materials for your pool can add more color to your outdoor space and make your pool more durable. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using composite decking as a pool-building material, as well as some installation considerations.

Composite decking pool project for Chile

This is an example of a composite decking installation for a swimming pool in Chile. Swimming pools are a great place for people to enjoy the hot summer months and have a pleasant time relaxing. It is essential to keep the pool clean and tidy at all times. And the corrosion and water resistance of the material is also very important for the life of the pool.

The pool surroundings are very wet, so the waterproof ability of the building materials is very much tested. COOWIN composite decking has more advantages in this respect than traditional wood. It will not rot or crack due to moisture absorption.

Advantages of using composite decks for swimming pools

Composite decking is a solid and durable man-made material made from wood fibers and recycled plastic. It has a more natural wood-like appearance, while also providing increased durability and resistance to moisture, rot, and fading. These premium qualities make it an excellent choice for pool construction.

outdoor swimming pool

Moisture resistance

One of the most significant benefits of using composite decking in a pool is its moisture resistance. Traditional wood absorbs moisture very easily and over time can rot, warp, and crack. But with composite decking you don’t need to worry about this at all, it is much more resistant to moisture. It is the ideal material for pool installations as it does not easily rot or deteriorate.


One of the well-known advantages of composite decking is its durability. composite decks are designed to effectively resist extreme outdoor conditions such as UV rays, rain, and temperature fluctuations. Unlike traditional wood, it will not warp or crack easily. The higher quality will ensure that your deck will remain in its original condition for years to come.

Low maintenance

In addition to its outstanding durability, composite decking is also low-maintenance. Unlike traditional woods that require regular sanding, staining, and sealing, composite decks do not require tedious maintenance and upkeep. It only needs to be cleaned regularly, which can be done easily with soapy water and a soft brush. This saves you more time in maintenance.


There are better choices than using traditional wood as a building material for swimming pools. Therefore, wood can become very slippery in wet conditions. This can cause some harm to your use. Although composite decking has a plastic surface, most manufacturers will provide a non-slip surface for the deck. Some manufacturers will also use deep embossing as well as a non-slip surface to increase the friction of the deck.

Considerations for installation

When installing composite decks for your pool, there are a few factors to focus on. First, consider the size and shape of your pool area. Take accurate measurements to determine the size of the decking needed. It is also important to check local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance before beginning the installation process.

Swimming pool Composite decking

Step 1:

Before installing composite decks, you will need to clean the installation area thoroughly. Remove any debris and make sure the installation area is level and free of any obstructions. It is also a good idea to install a weed barrier underneath the deck to prevent unwanted plant growth.

Step 2:

During the installation process, strictly follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Follow the requirements for proper installation and use the required fasteners for securing. When installing, you need to make sure that you leave a proper gap between each piece of decking. Although composite decking is highly resistant to water, it can sometimes absorb moisture.

A proper gap ensures that the deck will not warp due to water absorption and expansion. The deck must be securely fastened to the bottom frame, which has an important impact on the longevity and durability of the pool deck.

Step 3:

After your pool composite decks are installed, you must take proper care of them to ensure the longevity of the deck. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your pool deck in tip-top shape. Regularly sweep the deck surface of debris, dirt, and leaves, and use mild soapy water and a soft brush to clean the composite deck surface when necessary.

This will protect the deck from damage and prolong its life. Avoid using metal brushes and chemical-based cleaners to clean the deck, as this may cause irreversible damage to the composite materials.


In summary, composite decking is the best choice for outdoor pools due to its moisture resistance, durability, and low maintenance. It can provide homeowners with more style and flair as well as a beautiful surface. Strict adherence to proper installation practices during the installation process. It can effectively extend the life of the deck and ensure that composite decking boards will stay in good condition.

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