Composite Decking Floor Installed in Kenya



Composite decking can be applied on various occasions, such as garden walking pavement, the walking road in the scenic spots, backyard board, and even pedestrian street. Composite decking is made of the wood powder, recycled plastics, and other chemical additives. Composite decking is made into various patterns with different colors, shapes for satisfying different needs in different places. 

COOWIN® composite decking has many different types, this is the installation case in Kenya. 

COOWIN® composite decking can be installed on the surface of the ground, and please keep in mind that the ground should be flat and solid. Don’t forget to install the composite decking joists before putting the composite decking board. Composite decking is much stronger because of the high density compared with a traditional wood deck. 


COOWIN® composite decking doesn’t need any complicated maintenance work, easy cleaning with water is enough to keep it clean and tidy. Composite decking doesn’t need to be painted with oil, with its strong corrosion protection layer. Composite decking can be capped with the protective layer, without any worries about color fading problems.