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Composite Decking CD-01 in Vietnam

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Various colors are provided for composite decking to satisfy the different requirements of clients. And the color of CD-01 composite decking is extracted from the mixture of red pine color and black color. Which is a beautiful natural color.

The beautiful dark-brown color surface can match the surrounding environment well creating a harmonious atmosphere. Similarly, this low-key color is popularly applied in the interior modeling field, aiming to create a pleasant place to enjoy a relaxing time at ease.

CD-01 has three different surface textures, including grooved surface, sanding surface, embossing, and 3D embossing surface. Personalized customization is supported here. After that, you can contact us if you have any special ideas about composite decking.

Composite materials FAQ

What is Wood Plastic Composite?

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a type of eco-friendly material made of reclaimed wood fiber and polymers. COOWIN WPC Decking and Cladding, manufactured with our patented formula and by an innovative dual-screw extrusion process, combine superior performance with naturalistic looks and textures of real wood.

COOWIN is the first that has adopted Color Streaking and 3D Wood Grain Technology for uncapped WPC products in the industry. Similarly, compared with LDPE, HDPE-based composites are stronger and stiffer.

What does the term “Art Color” mean?

Art Color can describe the varied streaking on COOWIN composite decking and cladding. By adding different colors at precise moments during the manufacturing process, we are able to create a more nuanced color palette, or maybe variegated color, on a monotonous board, to create the rich, natural color variation found in real wood such as cedar, redwood, and ipe.

Is your product less harmful to human health than a comparable conventional product?

Yes. COOWIN composite contains no added arsenic or other preservatives that are likely to be toxic under normal exposure conditions. So conventional wood treating processes impregnate the wood substrate with toxic chemicals to prevent rot and decay. Therefore, COOWIN composite is naturally resistant to rot and decay without toxic additives.

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