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Composite Decking and Wood Floors:3 Factors to Consider

Friday, December 03, 2021

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to consider spring and summer projects. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities this season, there is nothing better than a well-designed floor. Which can add value to your house and make the transition between indoor and outdoor living. So, should we choose composite decking or wood floors?

So, what kind of floor should you build?

Wooden floors do sound good, and you can choose from two main types.

The first is pressure-treated wood, which is a cheap wood floor that is chemically treated to resist mold, rot, and insect damage.

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Other choices are mahogany or cedar, which naturally have the properties of pine that are given by pressure treatment.

Another best material for the outdoor floor is a mixture of wood flour and recycled plastic.

Wood-plastic composite decking is made by mixing these materials and pressing them into a mold to make a perfect decking with a very uniform appearance. Since they are made of large amounts of plastic, the composite decking will not rot or be harmed by insects.

Each type of decorative material has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. So you need to weigh them in order to make the best decision for your property. To do this, consider the following three main functions:


In terms of durability, the advantages of wood-plastic composite decking are outstanding. They are dense and waterproof, so they will not warp, crack or split. This means your floor can stay in good condition for many years. You also don’t have to worry about annual maintenance tasks. Such as sanding and recoloring the floor—just regular cleaning to keep it in good condition.

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As for wood flooring, cedarwood flooring is generally more durable than pressure-treated fir. Because pressure-treated pine is a softwood that can be dented and broken more easily. Any type of wood floor needs to be resealed and stained every year to maintain good color. So when you perform this route, you need to complete the built-in work.


Many people think that the natural appearance of solid wood looks better.

Wood-plastic composite decking usually imitates natural wood grain, but some people feel that it is not natural enough. On the other hand, because wood-plastic composite decking is artificially made, the colors and surface pattern can be customized. Which is also a major advantage of wood-plastic composite decking.

Composite Decking Prices

So far, pressure-treated wood is the cheapest option, which makes it a popular choice for wood mills all year round. To install pressure-treated pine wood floors, the estimated price per square foot is 15 to 25 dollars, and the price of mahogany or cedarwood floors is 25 to 30 dollars per square foot.

Wood-plastic composite decking prices from 30 to 45 US dollars per square foot, but this is a one-time investment. When using composite materials, you do not need to purchase sealants or colorants every year or two, eliminating the need for follow-up maintenance costs.

Ultimately, the floor material you choose will depend on your personal preferences, budget. And how much time it takes to maintain the floor. If you value maintenance-free life, you can choose wood-plastic composite decking. Similarly, If you like the appearance of spontaneous combustion wood and don’t mind doing some maintenance work every year, you can buy wood flooring. In addition, If reducing installation costs is your main goal, then pressure-treated wooden floors will be your best choice.

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