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Composite Deck Flooring: Good for Children’s Safety

Saturday, July 09, 2022

An outdoor deck for the whole family, especially for children, is what many people want. composite deck flooring is safe for children. Not only because it does not contain toxic chemicals, but also because it does not produce debris or mold. Also, composite deck flooring has good anti-slip properties that prevent children from slipping and falling while playing.

You might think that wood decking is just as suitable for children. But traditional wood decking is not suitable for children to play barefoot. This is because the wood is prone to cracking and warping. The resulting splinters can easily cause physical damage to children. Wooden decks usually also need to be waterproof and preservative treatment, which also means that wood decks will contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. It is also easy for children’s health to be harmed.

What is composite deck flooring made of?

Composite material is made of wood pulp and recycled plastic. Because it contains plastic, it is water and corrosion resistant without chemical treatment. It also does not chip or warp, so it is not a hazard to children walking barefoot.

composite deck flooring

As a man-made composite product, you can choose a composite decking with a grooved surface. Grooved composite decking boards not only provide a different look to the house. But also prevent children from slipping and falling.

History of composite decking board

Composite materials have been around since ancient times. In recent times, composite materials began to appear, and composite deck board was introduced in the late 1990s. The early composite decking had a single color and a plastic texture. However, with the continuous development of composite materials, composite decking now not only has a natural wood grain surface but is also available in a wide range of colors and types to perfectly match different design styles.

The biggest advantage of composite deck flooring is that it requires little maintenance. It does not require staining or all the other maintenance that a wood deck requires. Gives you more time to enjoy life and play with your kids in the yard.

There are no sharp nails or screws

There are many different kinds, but you can use hidden fasteners with grooved composite decking. Take away the chance that your child’s feet will get cut on a screw head as they slide across the deck. They will, in fact, slide across the deck.

Also, fewer torn socks. Because if your kids are like mine, they usually run around outside in their socks. Out on the deck, the socks won’t get caught and ripped because the fasteners are hidden.

A composite decking pool is a great choice for kids

On hot days, composite decks are a great place for the kids to set up a wading pool to cool off in the sun. And the fact that water is a lot of fun for a long time.

You can set up the pool on one side of the deck and lie on your lounger on the other. That’s how a young family should spend a day at the beach. A composite deck for a kiddie pool is good because it doesn’t get damaged by water.

Water doesn’t hurt composite decking like it does wood, which can get damaged if it gets wet. It doesn’t soak up much of the water that gets splashed on it.

Decking that won’t stain and is easy to clean

What kid doesn’t like a hotdog or ice cream while soaking up the sun? Even when it’s cloudy, I still like both of them, but that’s not my point. Kids will drop everything you give them, from ketchup to ice cream cones.

Composite decking really shines in this area. With how easy it is to clean up. With a cloth and some water, you can clean up the mess as if it never happened.

Many companies that make composite decking, like COOWIN, Trex, and TimberTech, offer a one-week warranty against food stains. If you drop it and don’t find it until the following weekend. It’s not a big deal. Just clean it up and you can get back to enjoying your deck. But I have to say that dried-out ketchup will take a little more water to wash off.

One exception. Sunblock cream. You don’t want the kids to get burned, so put on the sunscreen inside or in the yard. Something about that lotion that blocks UV rays can be bad for composite decking.

Doesn’t it get too hot for kids to play on a composite deck?

Well, sort of. Composite decking does get hot in the sun, just like any other flat surface or decking material. As soon as you move from the grass to your deck, the temperature will change. This means that kids might not want to play on composite decking on a hot day.

Another benefit of composite decking is that it tends to keep less heat than wood. This means that even on a hot day, the deck won’t get hot if you shade it. Adding a pergola, awning, or privacy wall to a deck design can make a big difference in how hot or cold the decking is. You could also set up an umbrella to do the same thing.

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