Comparison of wood plastic composite boards and solid wood flooring


At present, most of the wood plastic composite products on the market are less rigid than wood flooring. The plastics commonly used in wood plastic composite products are PE, PP, PS, and PVC. Different plastic matrices give different properties to composite materials.

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Compared with other wood and artificial wood, the flexural strength and elastic modulus of wood plastic composite panels are lower than natural wood, which is equivalent to artificial wood.

Compared with solid wood flooring, wood plastic composite boards have a higher density but a very low water absorption rate, which can reduce the use of fungal growth, thickness expansion and shrinkage caused by moisture absorption. Compared with natural wood, wood-plastic composite flooring generally has good dimensional stability and antibacterial properties.

In terms of texture, wood plastic composite boards can be freely customized in color and wood grain texture according to customer requirements. For customers, there is more choice and convenience, and you can design your own house according to your preference. At the same time, the waste materials left after the cutting of wood are effectively used, and natural resources are fully used.