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Comparing composite decking boards and wood flooring

Saturday, December 04, 2021

When you plan to renovate your outdoor space, the first choice you face is which type of deck to use. The two most common choices are composite decking boards and wood flooring. This article will discuss all the differences when comparing wood flooring and laminate flooring.

Wooden floor

Wood can divide into many different types. Which can use to make decorative panels and railings. Common types of wood include cedar, mahogany, and pressure-treated pine. In addition, there are tropical hardwood floors and mahogany floors.

Comparing composite decking boards and wood flooring|composite decking material

Wood-plastic composite decking boards

Composite decking boards were invented in the late 1980s and are made of a mixture of wood fiber and plastic. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology. And the performance of wood-plastic composite materials is getting higher and higher. and the application of wood-plastic composite materials is becoming more and more extensive. More and more builders and homeowners choose the best composite decking material.

Composite decking vs wood advantages and disadvantages

Many homeowners choose wood flooring because it is familiar, easy to obtain, and inexpensive. At the same time, some common problems with wood flooring. Such as debris, decay, and relatively high maintenance costs will cause people a lot of trouble. In comparison, composite wood decking requires almost no maintenance. At the same time, with the advancement of technology. The appearance of wood-plastic composite decking has become richer and more beautiful.

n evaluating wood flooring and laminate flooring, the following key issues need to consider:

composite deck boards|composite decking vs wood|cost of composite decking


For technical reasons, the early composite decking has a strong sense of plastic and few colors to choose from. However, modern composite decking materials have a variety of natural wood grain appearances and 3D embossed texture patterns. And can make the same wood grain and no colors products.

Water resistance

One of the key problems with the long-term use of wood flooring is that wood boards can easily absorb water. It is necessary to remove stains, seal or paint on a regular basis. Otherwise, the wooden floor is easy to warp, chip, crack and rot. In contrast, the materials of the wood-plastic composite floor brand have good water resistance. Which allows them to install in high humidity environments without decay.


In order to prolong the service life of the wooden deck, the homeowner must regularly perform maintenance work such as painting, dyeing, or sealing the deck, which requires a lot of time and money costs. Compared with wood-plastic composite materials. Composite decking only needs to clean or washed with soapy water to keep the board beautiful.

Insect resistance

Unlike most wood floors, composite decking is not easily damaged by termites and other wood-damaging insects due to the characteristics of the materials used to make them. Termites and other insects cannot reproduce in it.


All wooden floors are prone to chipping after being used for a long time. And it is easy to get injured when walking barefoot on the floor. The composite decking is made of wood fiber mixed in plastic and will not crack. This is especially important for children who walk barefoot on the deck and have sensitive feet.

composite decking colors|best composite decking brand 2021|composite decking designs


Generally speaking, the purchase cost of wood flooring is lower than that of composite decking materials. Although the initial cost of wood is lower. If annual maintenance costs are included, the total cost of wood flooring after 2-3 years will be higher than the cost of composite decking. Of course, the prices difference also depends on the selected wood type and the best composite decking brands, and local market conditions.


The color and grain of wood floors are usually related to the type of wood. The more expensive the wood, the more expensive it is. However, wood-plastic composite decking materials can be customized with different colors and wood grain surfaces according to customer needs, which is conducive to adapting to customers’ different designs needs.

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