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composite decking

Coffee Wall Panel for House Decoration in Jordan

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Composite materials are a popular choice for house decorating because of their durability, versatility, and added appearance. Composite cladding is made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic. Making it beautifully designed, durable, and easy to install. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of composite cladding as a home decor and some design ideas.

Below is an example of Jordan’s COOWIN composite cladding installation. Which clearly shows how the house will look after the COOWIN wall paneling.

COOWIN TF-04W composite cladding has a unique aesthetic. Brings you a more modern style and can create a more chic architectural appearance. The coffee-colored cladding is simple and elegant and can be used in a variety of settings and buildings, making it easier to install.

Advantages of composite cladding


COOWIN composite cladding is extremely durable and robust. Its special composition makes it easily resistant to extreme natural weather, cracking, decay, and insect damage. This makes composite cladding an ideal choice for the outer layer of buildings in wet areas and extreme weather conditions.

And composite cladding has a much longer life span, typically 25-30 years. Compared to traditional wood’s lifespan, you won’t need to replace your exterior cladding as often.

Low maintenance

Unlike natural wood, composite cladding does not require a lot of time for maintenance or upkeep. Traditional wood requires regular sealing, sanding, or painting. Even with careful care, it can crack, rot, and warp.

The low-maintenance nature of composite cladding, however, makes it maintenance-free. Requiring only warm soapy water and a brush for easy cleaning.


COOWIN composite cladding is available in a wide range of colors and textures. Providing homeowners with more freedom of choice. The freedom to mix and match cladding allows you to easily match your architectural style. You can create a more modern or rustic atmosphere depending on your needs.

More environmentally friendly

Composite cladding is made from a mix of recycled materials and is, therefore, more friendly to the environment. This protects the environment and reduces the need for wood as a building material. Because composite materials have a longer life span, the need for frequent replacement is reduced.

More cost-effective

When you consider the value of exterior cladding, you need to take into account the upfront cost of the cladding as well as the long-term value. The upfront cost of composite cladding may be higher compared to traditional wood. But over time, it is a more cost-effective option.

First of all, using composite cladding will save you more money on maintenance and upkeep. You can easily clean and maintain the cladding with just warm soapy water and a hose.

Secondly, it lasts longer, so you’ll find that composite cladding adds more value as you use it.

The composite cladding design philosophy

An attractive cladding adds color and appeal to your building, so it is important to focus on the design of composite cladding.

Outdoor Feature Wall: COOWIN composite cladding can be used to create an outdoor feature wall. That can effectively complement the look of your outdoor space. You can use the cladding to add a more natural look to your building. Or use a unique design to create a more modern look for your outdoor area.

Entrance Decoration: Using composite cladding to cover your front door and adjacent walls can make your home’s entrance more aesthetically pleasing. This can add more uniqueness to your building and welcome your guests in a more elegant style.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas: Create a beautiful outdoor entertaining space with composite cladding. Composite materials do not crack or warp easily. Making them very practical for covering entertaining areas and making your leisure time safer.

Bathrooms: Use composite cladding to create a luxurious bathroom space. Cladding a wall or shower with this material gives it a sleek, modern design that is easy to clean and maintain.


High level of quality

Every kind of product has an extraordinary soul, and every kind of process contains the spirit of craftsmanship.

COOWIN’s story began in 2000, as one of the earliest wood-plastic factories in northern China. The founder, Mr. Leo, invested a lot of money and energy in introducing formulas and technologies from the US. Then, this small factory has grown step by step to become one of the most well-known wood-plastic enterprises in China.

At present, COOWIN’s self-developed formula has obtained national patents. And each raw material has strict physical and chemical indicators. The production equipment specially designed for COOWIN has been put into use.

Reliable performance

As a product for outdoor use, COOWIN has high requirements for product performance. In addition to meeting the basic needs of most of the world. COOWIN’s R&D department has developed special wood-plastic products for extreme weather. Such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, and strong corrosiveness to meet the needs of special applications.


COOWIN is increasingly becoming the ideal choice for house decoration thanks to its durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. It has a rich variety of styles to choose freely and can be designed into different styles according to your preferences. The composite cladding has more design ideas to implement. It can be used to create exterior cladding, outdoor recreational areas, and architectural finishes. COOWIN composite cladding is therefore a more practical and stylish option for homeowners.

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