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CD-01 Composite Swimming Pool Building Case in Curacao

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The COOWIN CD-01 composite decking is made of recycled materials, including wood fibers and plastic, which makes it eco-friendly and low-maintenance. It is also highly resistant to moisture, making it perfect for swimming pool areas. The product comes in various colors and finishes, allowing customers to choose the best decking option for their needs.

Installation of Composite Swimming Pool

The composite deck offers a more versatile look, better durability, and longer life than traditional wood decking. This is why more and more homeowners use composite deck materials as their building material. Because of its various benefits, it can be used to build a swimming pool. Here is the case of the composite swimming building in Curacao, which is made of light grey COOWIN CD-01 composite decking.

Curacao was installed by a professional COOWIN installation team. In the first step. The installation team prepared the installation area by excavating the ground. To create a stable foundation. The deck was then installed and secured to the structure, and the entire installation process was very quick. The final step was to add the railing and accessories. This is an effective way to improve the overall appearance and safety of the pool.

Advantages of CD-01 Composite Swimming Pool

This beautiful pool is a great addition to your outdoor space. It allows you to enjoy the summer on your own terrace. This pool is perfect for someone who wants minimal exterior maintenance and better quality. Composite decks are very environmentally friendly and require no additional post-treatment or maintenance. And composite decking is resistant to wind and all kinds of harsh weather. This makes it a great material for building pools.

Low Maintenance

Composite swimming pools have many benefits. Composite decking’s low maintenance and durability make it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. The non-slip surface of composite decking will also provide more safety for swimmers. It can effectively reduce the probability of accidents and the risk of injuries. In addition, the walls and bottom of the composite decking are smooth, you can very easily complete the pool cleaning. Dirt can be easily removed using a soft brush to ensure a pleasant swimming experience.

Heat Insulation

Another reason why the composite deck is an excellent pool material is that it keeps the heat out of the pool effectively. CD-01 composite swimming pool has good, strong insulation. This means that there is less heat loss through the walls and bottom. So not only do you save more energy, it’s also very friendly to the environment.


CD-01 is also effective in preventing fading, staining, or cracking problems. It ensures that the pool will maintain its original appearance for a long time to come. Since composite decking does not require a lot of maintenance, you can save more time and money. Composite decking has a higher durability and no one can damage the structure of the pool. Not to mention the effects of some humidity and UV rays, and you don’t need to worry about the appearance of mold.

Moisture Resistance

If you avoid moisture in the pool. This is also a very important issue, and it is important to choose the right building material to create a waterproof pool. COOWIN composite decks come with a cover, so they can easily absorb water to dry out. The potential hazards of moisture are effectively avoided.

Environmental Friendliness

COOWIN composite deck materials are capped with environmentally friendly raw materials. They do not contain any harmful substances, ensuring safe and healthy use. Composite decking has a very smooth surface, so you don’t have to worry about debris hurting your skin. And composite deck can keep itself clean and tidy, so you don’t have to worry about contamination.

Long Service Life

Composite decking can be used for up to 25 years, providing better durability and longevity. And without any complicated maintenance work, it is a quality choice as a pool building material. A pool built with composite decking materials will allow you to enjoy a better quality of life outdoors.


In conclusion, the COOWIN CD-01 composite swimming pool building case in Curacao is a perfect example of how composite decking can enhance outdoor living. With its low-maintenance and long-lasting qualities, non-slip surface, and beautiful finishes. COOWIN is currently and gradually becoming the composite decking of choice for many homeowners. Is becoming the composite decking material of choice for many homeowners. COOWIN also offers homeowners a better after-sales service.

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