Brown Anti-UV WPC Decking Flooring


Brown anti-UV WPC Decking Flooring is the new darling of the wood flooring market. More and more Middle Eastern, Central Asian, African, and American accept brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative flooring.

Brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative flooring has a unique color. Brown is a very eye-catching color, the brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative floor can be reminiscent of the soil and nature, giving a reliable, healthy feeling. Not only that, but the brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative floor also has a unique texture, like autumn leaves, to bring a hazy beauty and nostalgic retro taste. Brown’s anti-UV wood-plastic decorative floor of the visual experience is very good, no matter how strong the light through its reflection will not make people feel dizzy. Brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative floor there is a magical effect. Even if the surface has some dust and stains, you can not see it.


Brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative floor has a unique anti-UV effect. The main reason for the fading and cracking of the floor is that the ultraviolet radiation causes the photochemical degradation of the object. Brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative flooring, in the anti-ultraviolet, played its physical properties and chemical properties. WPC flooring enhances UV resistance by adding light stabilizers and anti-UV aids to the feedstock. Compared with the gray cedar color,

brown has a stronger ability to absorb and filter outside the function.


Because of the brown anti-UV wood-plastic decorative floor elegant appearance and strong anti-ultraviolet effect, it is very popular in low latitude and high altitude areas. Not to mention it also anti-aging, anti-fade, effective anti-cracking, maintenance-free features.