Benefits of wood plastic composite wall panels for hotels


In order to improve the quality of hotels, wooden wall panels and partitions are usually selected. Wooden wall panels have various shapes, elegant appearance, and many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages. For example, wooden wall panels are prone to mold and breed bacteria. Mold can erode the walls and emit an unpleasant atmosphere, making the hotel look ugly, and at the same time giving customers a bad sense. This affects the customer’s evaluation of the hotel, which is not conducive to the hotel’s better absorption of customers.
In order to prevent mold on the wallboard, the hotel needs to maintain the wooden wallboard regularly to avoid the above-mentioned bad conditions, which increases the hotel’s daily maintenance costs and consumes a lot of manpower and resources.

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Wood-plastic composite wallboard is extruded from plastic modified wood powder and plastic. Therefore, wood-plastic composite wallboard has the same anti-mold effect as plastic, and the use of antibacterial agents can further improve the effect of inhibiting bacteria. Wood-plastic composite wall panels have excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-permeability effects, which can prevent water vapor from penetrating into the wall structural panels. Therefore, it does not require excessive maintenance, which can save a lot of money and labor costs from here.