COOWIN 200*50mm WPC Proximate Matter Case in America


When it comes to the wood-plastic composite material, we can think about the composite decking floor naturally, but WPC material can be made into different forms of the building material, including different types of proximate matters.

COOWIN 200*50mm WPC Proximate Matter, in this case, is formed to rectangular tubes for building wall decoration. It is shown that proximate matter is applied to the building field, which is an important method to decorate the building with different styles. Shaped WPC proximate matters are installed to use as the decorative wall screen, which can make a small room look bigger and brighter.

WPC building material can be extruded into different shapes, the hollow rectangular tube is a popular building material that can be widely applied in dividing the room spacing for broadening your vision and strengthening the space interaction, communication, and collaboration. It is important to make the room space open, transparent, and contextually responsive.