Application of wood plastic composite materials in construction


Wood-plastic composites have a certain mechanical strength, and their moisture, corrosion and mildew resistance are similar to plastics. The foamed profile has a smooth surface and a high definition and finish. The product can also be processed into various colors and gloss according to the requirements of use, or the surface can be made into the wood grain, and various decorative patterns can be processed to make decorative materials.

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Composite boards and Guardrail Materials

The fastest-growing potential market for wood-plastic composites is construction products that do not require high structural functions, including composite boards, synthetic boards, laminate floors, railings, etc. Compressed wooden boards have been the first choice for outdoor decking and railing materials. Compared with it, wood-plastic composite boards are more expensive. However, the wood plastic composite board has a small maintenance amount, low maintenance cost, and high durability.

Civil building decoration materials

Wood-plastic composite materials are manufactured using technologies and equipment rarely used in the production of traditional wood-based panels, and many new products being developed will replace those wood product profiles that can only be manufactured through complex processing. These new decorative materials include siding, ceilings, space partitions, and wood floors.

Decorative patterns such as wood grains can be made on the surface of wood-plastic composite materials so that they have the same verse effect as wood products, which not only meets people’s sensory needs but also is more durable than wood.