Application of wood-plastic composite decking (2)


(2) The field of auto parts

In recent years, wood-plastic panels have increased their use in automotive interior decoration materials, such as automobile door panels and trunks, with their appropriate price and performance. The main reasons for the rapid development of WPC in the automotive industry are simple production processes, short production cycles, recyclability, low prices, and lightweight.

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(3) Other fields

In addition to being used in traditional industries, the wider use of WPC is in applications in various emerging industries and new applications in the continuous transformation of traditional industries. Such as trays, flower pots, tool handles, office supplies, street signs, etc. WPC has a wide range of applications. It can be said that any wood or wood-based material can be replaced by wood-plastic composite materials.

Europe and the United States are the two regions with the best WPC development. More than half of the North American market is related to wood-plastic composite decking.