Application of wood-plastic composite decking (1)


One of the main uses of WPC is to replace the application of solid wood in various fields, among which the most widely used is in construction products, accounting for 75% of the total wood-plastic composite supplies. Such as flooring, wall panels, building templates, fences, and guardrails, etc .; the automotive industry’s share is 8%, such as interior door trim panels and glove boxes. Spare tire cover, etc. In addition, packaging and transportation, furniture, office equipment, sports equipment, and other fields can be used WPC.

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WPC main application—building products

Wood fiber composites have a certain mechanical strength, and their moisture, corrosion and mildew resistance are similar to plastics. The density of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles is higher, and the density of solid WPC is higher. The surface of the foamed WPC profile is smooth, the cleaning height is high, and the wood feel is strong. It can be made into various colors according to the requirements of use. The surface can be made into the wood grain and various decorative patterns. Formally, the above characteristics make wood fiber composites widely used in construction engineering. Such as wood-plastic composite deck, wood plastic wall panels.

In China, in 2002, Wang Chengyun and others have successfully developed a new type of environmentally-friendly building material, wood-plastic composite decking, using wood flour, polyvinyl chloride, and other raw materials. This wood-plastic composite deck not only has excellent waterproof performance but also Its entire production and processing method is completely different from the processing method of logs, which can greatly save product production time and raw materials.