Application and development prospect of wood plastic composite sheet technology


Wood-plastic composite flooring, as a finished product, is mainly used in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration. In the next few years, wood plastic composite boards will be consumed by furniture manufacturing and interior decoration alone. In addition to transportation and household appliances, the consumption of wood plastic composite materials will become higher and higher.

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In recent years, plastic products have become increasingly popular, and their applications have become more and more widespread. The problems that accompany them are that the used plastic waste cannot be biodegraded, harmful gases are generated during combustion, and the problem of white garbage is getting worse. How to recycle white garbage is a serious problem before us.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people also put forward higher requirements for the use and living environment materials. Green environmental protection and stable performance materials have a very broad development and application prospect. As forest resources become more and tighter, make full use of forestry logging residues and waste plastics to produce a new type of non-toxic, pollution-free, recyclable, high-strength, and high-resistance new material—wood plastic composite materials. Living environment and maintaining a good and sustainable ecological environment are of great significance.