Urban Engineering Partner

Since the Coowin Group established in 2000, we've been working hard on the product development & innovation works. We've invested a lot of money and resource in this field, try best to ensure that all customers can use our wonderful products without any worries. Therefore, Coowin Group has built strict inspection standard system, and also keep limitation at the marketing sales. We don't do massive marketing or advertisement activities, but luckily Coowin Group still have 16 long-term customers stay with us till now 2017, all these customers have cooperated with Coowin more than 8 years and this number will go high without a doubt. We take this special opportunity here, express our sincere thanks, thank you all so much old friends, thank you for your trust and support, thank you for staying and developing with Coowin.

Coowin Group has established Service Perfect Group since 2010, besides the R&D works, also provide service for customers, to let them express the requirements frankly, to let the purchase process go smoothly, to let them receive our most professional and close service, and finally, we meet their demands and satisfied them. By now in Coowin Group, we have established several different departments and groups, including Data Information Dept, Installation Create Group, New Application R&D Group, Environment Analysis Group, After-Service Tracking Group, etc.

In the mid-July of 2017, through a series of meetings organized by Coowin mainboard, Marketing Strategy dept, R&D Dept, QA dept, and after long time discuss, finally made an important decision: vigorously promote Coowin WPC products, in the worldwide scale. In order to support this decision, Coowin Group has launched the Global Partnership Plan, this plan including the Global Dealer Win-Win Plan and the Global Agent Win-Win Plan. We here looking for the partners who have passion and ability, and hope we can cooperate together sincerely. Hope the one can have the same goals as we do, to create a better lifestyle, to let this environmental material WPC walk further, for every friend in this world, can enjoy a better future.

If you want to know more about the specific instructions for dealers to join, please check the PDF data:

We have specially customized CUSTOMER SERVICE for dealers.

Service Details Directory:
1. Provide Free Sample (Product, U disk, Book, Accessories)
2. Design and build website, as well as HD Product and Project Picture
3. Product Publicity Material (for example: brochures, corporate brochures, item data, etc.)
4. Installation Instruction
5. Product Design Customization
6. Product Effect Picture and 3D MAX Scene Effect Picture
7. Video Production, Assistant Local Marketing
8. Packing
9. Shipping
10. Senior Product Consultants Answer Any of Your Question

You can leave a message here for the full version of PDF Service details.