Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Laminate Decking


If you are considering building your floor with wood laminate flooring, then you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of wood laminate flooring, which will help your needs.

So what is laminate decking?
When you walk into any furniture decoration store, near the wooden products, you will see some wooden boards that resemble wooden products, but they are labeled with “composite”. Wood composite materials are mainly made of synthetic materials. The purpose of developing such materials is to protect the environment and reuse waste. At the same time, it can also bring people the “wooden furniture” enjoyment.


Advantages of wood laminate decking
1. The maintenance of the wooden composite deck is very simple. When doing maintenance, first get the sundries on the deck aside, and then rinse them with clean water.
2. The installation process of a wood composite deck is simple, no special tools are needed, and even people without installation experience can install it according to the installation instructions.
3. The wooden composite deck has many colors and various wood grains, you can choose your favorite type, and you can even let the manufacturer customize it according to your requirements.
4. The wooden composite deck is more resistant, and it is much better than wood flooring in terms of waterproofing, insect resistance, corrosion resistance, and mildew resistance.

Disadvantages of wood laminate decking
1. The biggest disadvantage of wood laminate decking is the cost. The cost of decks built with this new material is usually twice or more than that of treated wooden decks.
2. Under the same size, the wooden composite deck is heavier than the wooden deck.
3. Special supporting fasteners are required for installation.