It is easy to open a business, but it is hard to keep it open and make the true value——COOWIN GROUP (Since 2000)

The story of COOWIN began in a small factory 19 years ago. As one of the earliest wood-plastic factories in northern China, the founder, Mr. Leo, invested a lot of money and energy in introducing formulas and technologies from the US. Then, this small factory has grown step by step to become one of the most well-known wood-plastic enterprises in China.

With 19 years of growth and development, COOWIN always insists on serving customers with high product quality and constantly researching and developing new technologies and products. Until now, COOWIN has become an industry leader and pioneer. Integrity and stable production business model has enabled COOWIN and many customers to collaborate for more than 10 years, the products in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. And this is just the beginning of COOWIN's dream.

  • 2000~2005

    Before COOWIN brand was born, The company was established in Qingdao by the founder Mr. Leo. By investing heavily and local government support, the company gradually introduced advanced equipment and production technology, the original factory was formed.

  • 2006~2008

    In the year 2006, the company's international brand COOWIN was born. In the same year, COOWIN pass the ASTM approval standard and CE certification. In the year 2008, COOWIN expanded the factory and create the new brand BAREFOOT that is special for developing the domestic market.

  • 2009~2012

    COOWIN composite product was more and more accepted by customers around the world. Till 2012, the Product had been exported to the US, Canada, UK, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Singapore, Australia...more than 60 countries and regions.

  • 2013~2018

    COOWIN set up the new factory in the year 2013 which increases the production capacity to 20 times than before. The year 2015, COOWIN GROUP was awarded the “Quality, Service, Credit” 3A Grade certificate by Government. And the quality is authenticated by SGS.

For the future, we are ready.

COOWIN Organization

COOWIN GROUP has a well-organized structure. The headquarters office leads the company's affairs and customer service support. The production base is responsible for order production and shipping arrangements. Every department is in close contact and orderly operation.


At COOWIN, each member has a professional service spirit and is committed to providing the ultimate customer experience. Unity, enthusiasm, professionalism, every COOWINer always maintains a positive state and move towards the future.

"Hundred Years Composite, Hundred Years Cooperation."
Let’s share and enjoy life in the future together