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A variety custom of outdoor decking boards design

December 03, 2021

You want to build a platform with composite decking decorative materials. You need to consider the outdoor decking boards design before building them. This will depend on the location of the deck.

If your house is large, there are many options for your deck. If the house is small, the yard is on a slope or there are other challenges, you need to be creative and make a different deck design idea.

A variety custom of outdoor decking boards design|WPC material

01. Subdeck

The accessory deck is very similar to the terrace, made of composite decking or wood material, slightly raised. A common location for connecting decks is behind an L-shaped or U-shaped house.

The deck can be used as a bridge connecting the two parts inside the L-shaped house. At the same time, it also provides additional outdoor living space, making the deck more practical and becoming a part of the family’s livable space.

02. Freestanding or floating deck

Compared with the accessory deck, the free-standing deck can be placed anywhere in the family space and easily reached by paths or steps. Concrete terraces must be set on a smooth and flat surface. Unlike concrete terraces, free-standing platforms are more suitable for poor drainage or rugged, rocky, or uneven areas.

A floating deck is also a kind of independent deck-it connects houses, terraces, or other deck areas together through composite deck walkways.

03. Wrap-around deck

Part of it can be larger, more uneven, and more room-like than the porch, a bit like an old-fashioned wrap-around porch.

04. Multi-layer deck

Multi-layer decks are usually a series of different levels of decks, usually constructed by steps or paths.

The need for a multi-deck is usually determined by the terrain: hills, slopes, and rocky landscapes may not be able to accommodate anything but multi-deck. In other words, when you can build a deck on the slope or rocky area of ​​the yard, a multi-layer deck is your best choice.

05. Side yard deck

The side yard is often a forgotten space in the yard. If you don’t use this space often, but only use it as a passage from the front yard to the back yard, why not turn this area into usable space?

You can transform this area into a secluded, quiet private space, without leaving home, you can enjoy a holiday of your own. You can also add a hot tub here and plant some plants you like to create a truly relaxing space.

composite decking decoration|composite decking boards

06. Swimming pool deck

It is a wise choice to build a deck around the swimming pool. The deck has good slip resistance and will not scald the swimmer’s feet like stone or concrete. Since the solid wood deck will crack and chip, it is a better choice to choose a wood-plastic composite deck that will not crack.

07. Entrance deck

The entrance deck is like a front porch that does not completely cover the overhead. Composite decorative steps and platforms are part of the overall architectural design. This type of deck sometimes also has built-in benches or flower pots.

08. Outdoor dining deck

As an extension of the kitchen or dining room, the dining table may include grills, counters, food preparation spaces, and outdoor dining tables. This type of deck can be simple or complex, as long as it meets your budget and space.

If you plan to build a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, it is a wise choice to build it near the indoor kitchen.

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