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9 Conservatory Design Ideas for Inside and Out

March 04, 2024

Adding a conservatory that can be used both indoors and outdoors is an easy way to make your living space larger and a great place to enjoy the outdoors. For the most part, these impressive structures are made of glass. However, they can also have a variety of design features to suit your preferences. In the past, greenhouses were only used to house rare plants, but over time, they have become popular places to host parties.

When properly designed, a conservatory can make your home look better on the street and increase its value. Here are some greenhouse design ideas that may help you decide if you want to build one.

Create a Three-season Room

You can’t use a three-season room on the coldest days of the year because the walls aren’t sealed. Other than that, you can enjoy it for most of the year. For many people, this is a good option because it is not expensive. Insulating a conservatory can be one of the most expensive parts of the project. Skipping this step can save you money and allow you to use the space for most of the year.

Choosing a Tilt-up Greenhouse

With a lean-to greenhouse, you will be able to utilize an existing wall in your home as one side of the greenhouse. In other words, it will be directly attached to the house. The roof of a lean-to-conservatory usually slopes downwards, away from the house. The walls and top are usually made of glass windows that let in a lot of light and protect you from bugs, bad weather, and other things you don’t want outside.


Build a Traditional or Modern-style Conservatory

Whether your house is a lovely Cape Cod style or a Victorian, you want the conservatory to go well with the rest of the house. A classic-style conservatory may be made of hardwood with framed windows and doors. It may also have unique designs such as arched windows or floral decorations. A modern-style conservatory with clean, straight lines and dark or metallic details may look better with a contemporary-style house.

Make Your Garden Thrive

Long ago, conservatories were used to grow plants. They were sunny and the windows were placed in such a way that the room stayed warm even in winter. In other words, you could grow plants here that normally wouldn’t be able to withstand harsh cold weather. To stay warm, keep in mind that many greenhouses are not insulated. If it is very cold outside, it may only be a few degrees warmer inside. Cold-weather locations still need extra protection for plants.

Choose a Freestanding Structure

When it comes to greenhouses, most people think of solarium-style structures attached to or built off a deck. But that’s not the case. You can build a greenhouse in your yard, on your porch, or anywhere else you like. A freestanding greenhouse can serve as an outdoor living space as well as storage for tools in the yard or a greenhouse for plants in the garden.


Connecting Indoors and Outdoors

You can install large door openings in your greenhouse that lead to a patio or other outdoor living area. Choose something that is easy to move from one room to another. Choose stone or tile flooring that can be moved from one room to another. You may also want to add a door that slides and stays open between two rooms. This allows the living and entertaining rooms to flow smoothly from the interior to the outdoor patio or yard.

Choosing a Prefabricated Option

There are many prefabricated greenhouses to choose from, and they can be erected quickly and for less money than custom construction. There are many more types of prefabricated greenhouses available, so you don’t have to give up all the design features you want. Prefabricated conservatories can be a quick and easy way to improve the look of your home or give you more living space.

Who Wants an Orangery?

Perhaps you’re wondering what an orangery is. From the 1600’s to the 1900’s, people in some parts of Northern Europe enjoyed growing fruit trees, particularly orange trees, in conservatories. The harsh local weather usually killed the trees, but the glass walls and roofs of greenhouses kept them warm when it was cold outside. Grow vegetables that grow well in warm weather!


You Can Use Your Greenhouse All Year Round

Because greenhouses are not insulated, they are not usually a good place to be during the hottest or coldest days of the year. In the summer, the hot sun is terrible. Installing blinds can solve this problem as they block the sun from entering the conservatory in the summer. In winter, a space heater can keep the room warm.

What Can I Use Instead of a Conservatory?

A sunroom is another name for a conservatory. The two names sometimes refer to the same thing, but there are some minor variations between them. In the past, greenhouses were used to grow plants and let in lots of natural light. The ceilings and walls were usually made of glass. A sunroom, on the other hand, was more of a place to relax or entertain. A solarium is usually an addition to the house and feels more like an “indoor” space, while a conservatory feels more like an “outdoor” space.

What Size conservatory is Best?

Builders and architects often use the ‘golden ratio’ to plan conservatories and other buildings. However, the size of your conservatory will depend on your intended use. Many people think that buildings built at a ratio of 1:1.168 look best. However, this is just an idea. The most important thing to consider is its purpose. Do you want your conservatory to have a dining table, or just a small living room? Make sure the size of the conservatory matches the rest of the house and doesn’t overpower it.



In conclusion, these nine conservatory design ideas can provide you with tons of inspiration. You can combine them with your own to create a versatile indoor/outdoor living space that blends the comfort of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors. Whether you envision a cozy retreat surrounded by lush greenery or a sunny sanctuary bathed in natural light. These design concepts are designed to suit your every taste and preference.

From the use of bi-folding doors and skylights, to botanical accents and sustainable materials. Each design concept encourages homeowners to realize the unique potential of conservatories as versatile spaces for relaxing, entertaining, and connecting with nature. By utilizing creativity and innovation, homeowners can transform their conservatories into inviting, out-of-this-world places that enrich their daily lives and enhance the value of their homes for years to come.

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