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9 Advantages of Composite Decking We Should Know

Friday, December 03, 2021

Composite decking is the latest building structure which is made of wood powder, recycled plastic added with other chemical additives. The new material is called wood plastic composite which is an environmentally-friendly building material. And the composite decking is made of WPC material. Some people will ask, why WPC can be regarded as a new-style building material? Here are 9 advantages of composite decking in the following.

Has a high environmental value

The composite deck is composed of wood fiber, plastic, and other recyclable materials. And waste wood fibers can use as raw materials, which saves a lot of trees. Contributed to protecting the global environment.


Composite decking is made of various types of materials, including wood powder. Composite decking is much heavier than naturally pure wood decking.

Because the substance of WPC material is higher than real wood. What’s more, the composite decking will be stained, painted, coated during the production process.

Low maintenance

With scientifically advanced surface treatment technology. So it is not necessary for you to do a lot of work about decking maintenance. Easy soap-and-water cleaning is all required, keeping the composite decking clean and tidy. The composite decking can be used at least for 20 years without color fading.

Good insect resistance

Traditional wooden decks have been treated with toxic chemicals and pesticides to prevent insects. Which will cause pollution to the environment, and the insect control effect will decrease over time.

The composite deck has a good insect-resistant function due to the special nature of the material. And it also has a good protective effect on the environment.


Wood-plastic composite decking is used to create various types of equipment, including outdoor pedestrians, pavilions in the garden, bridges, decking floors for the private house. Basically, the color and style can match the surrounding environment, showing the beauty of the harmony between buildings and the environment. Composite decking can provide many options for creating outdoor equipment.

The composite deck is made by hand, so the composite floor has a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. You can also customize it to your own ideas, so compound decks are ideal for contractors, architects, homeowners, and more.

Longer composite floor life

Compared with the floor made entirely of wood, the composite floor is completely protected from pests such as termites, is not afraid of water corrosion, and has excellent durability. Composite decking will not be easily cracked and scratched and has a longer life than traditional wooden flooring.


Composite decking utilizes recycled materials, made of wood powder and recycled plastic. Recycled materials can save natural resources and reduce pollution, making it possible to create graceful buildings with environmental protection at the same time.

Attractive appearance

Composite decking is made with an attractive prefinished appearance, looking like the real wood texture. Composite decking can be made into different styles, including different colors, shapes, different surface treatment techniques. What’s more, composite decking has the initial value in aesthetic aspects. Which is the perfect option for you to decorate your house to be graceful and beautiful.

Easy installation

It is easy to install composite decking, following the installation manual instruction. So You can choose composite decking with the average sizes for your house decoration. Composite decking installation can save much time compared with traditional wood decking.

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