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5 Ways to Renovate or Remodel Your Outdoor Deck

Monday, February 19, 2024

There are many ways and reasons to remodel your deck. If your old wood deck needs to be replaced anyway, try composite decking boards. Composite decking doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and it lasts longer than wood decking.

Also, adding a deck railing to your deck is a great way to give it a new look. Likewise, LED deck lights are now easier to install than ever before. Some changes to an outdoor deck, such as extending the deck or adding privacy, may need to be done by a professional deck contractor.

Replacing Worn or Rotted Decking

Composite decking is strong and durable and requires little maintenance. When you’re tired of maintaining and servicing your wood deck every year, you may want to replace an old or rotting wood deck with composite decking boards. If the structure underneath the deck is still strong, you can simply replace the damaged wood decking with composite decking. If the framing structure underneath the deck is also damaged, then you will need to replace the damaged framing structure as well.

Composite decking won’t rot like wood, nor will it fade, stain, or mold. It also doesn’t require much maintenance. It doesn’t need to be sanded or refurbished. All you need to do is wash your composite decking boards with soap and water every once in a while to keep them looking beautiful.

Different colors of composite wood decking can be spliced together to make a variety of patterns. Composite decking is also available with hidden fasteners for a neat, smooth finish. Installing these plywood connectors is easy. Simply slide one end into a groove in the floor and screw it to the joist.

At first, building composite decking may be a little more expensive than wood flooring. However composite decking lasts twice as long as wood decking and requires little maintenance. Therefore, you can have more time to enjoy your outdoor life. I believe this can attract more people to choose composite decking material for their outdoor decks.


Install or Repair the Deck Railing

The railing is the best way to make your deck look more beautiful and unique. Whether you are installing or replacing deck railings for the first time. Most people can do the job themselves with the help of ready-to-install fence panels or modular railing components.

In addition, deck railings come in a variety of materials and styles. Such as wood, metal, plastic, composite material, or even a mixture of these materials. You can even mix and match colors and styles in order to create your own look.

If your railing design requires the installation of new posts. We recommend that you learn how to properly install railing posts or hire a professional. This is because as a support structure for the railing, they must be stable and sturdy and not wobbly.

However, if the posts are in good shape, they can be replaced immediately. Simply slip a sleeve, cap, and matching skirt over the post. Then, assemble the fence panels or composite railing components. Composite railing won’t rot, warp, or splinter, and some sections can be put together with fewer than twenty fasteners.


Extend the Deck

Instead of replacing a small deck that is in good condition, you can extend it. This will save you time and money. Not only will an extended deck give you more space to cook, chat, or hide, but it will also make a style statement.

The easiest way to make a deck bigger is to add a platform that can be moved up and down to the deck you already have. To go up one level, build a platform out of 2×6 joists and nail one end to the surface of the new deck. New posts and beams will support the other sides. Attach joist hangers to the deck’s cross members to support one end of the platform. Then, add posts and beams to support the other two sides.

This project may require a permit, so check with the building department and homeowners’ association before you begin. Depending on your skill level, you may also need to hire a professional building contractor to help you extend the deck.


Adding or Replacing Lights

Installing lights on your deck will make it look better, safer, and more useful. Candles and paper lights are cheap and pretty, but not very useful. For those on a budget, string lights with hanging bulbs and LED rope lights with bulbs inside clear tubes are two better options. You can hang rope lights from the ceiling or wall. The best place for rope lights is under a railing or at the edge of a deck.

Use low-voltage lights that will last longer. Many low-voltage lights can be mounted directly to decks, post caps, and stair steps. Because they use LED lights, they last longer and use less power than other bulbs. In addition, you have better control over how they illuminate, and you can also use them with spotlights and other types of fixtures to draw attention to trees or bushes and to light up pathways.

Before doing any work with electricity, make sure your electrical wiring is grounded and can handle the new electrical load. If you don’t know what the electrical code says about outdoor connections, it’s a good idea to hire an expert to ensure safety.

Adding or Replacing Lights

Install Screens on Your Porch or Deck

If your deck or porch has a roof, you’re in luck. Installing screens around it may be as simple as sewing screen fabric between the existing posts. All that’s left to do is add an opening.

Few decks can handle the weight of the roof and walls required for a screened porch. Most outdoor decks do not have roofs. That’s why most screened porches and decks are brand new, built from scratch, not added on later.

You should talk to a contractor or engineer first. However, if you just want shade from the sun and rain, there are other options, such as pergolas and awnings.



In summary, these five strategies offer countless possibilities for revitalizing and enhancing your outdoor deck space. Whether you choose to do a simple refurbishment with new furniture and accessories or undertake a more extensive renovation project. The goal is to transform your deck into a haven that meets your lifestyle needs.

By incorporating lighting, extending the deck, and more. you can create a space that not only enhances the outdoor living experience, but also increases the value and curb appeal of your home. As you begin your deck renovation journey, let creativity and practicality guide you in creating a space that you and your family can enjoy.

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