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5 Misunderstanding about composite decking boards

Monday, March 14, 2022

As a new decorative material, the composite material has changed the deck decoration industry and opened up a brand-new side. For new decorative materials, there is always a process before they are accepted by the whole society. There are many misunderstandings about the appearance, cost, and performance of composite materials. Now, let’s discuss some misunderstandings about composite decking.

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In the past, wood was a simple choice for decorative materials. Because there were few suitable substitutes. Now, wood deck is no longer the only option for people. For more than twenty years, composite decking materials have been a developing market. And it has been accepted and used by more and more people. Compared with a wood deck, composite decking has many advantages. Such as low maintenance, waterproof, mildew-proof, and easy installation.

The cost is too high

When the composite decking was first introduced, its cost was about three times that of the deck. Before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of composite decking. People still choose traditional wood decks because of the high price. At the same time, the appearance of the first-generation composite decking has an obvious plastic texture. For these reasons, it has never fully gained the popularity it seeks.

However, with the progress of the times and the progress of technology. The appearance of composite materials is becoming more and more abundant. And at the same time, the price is also greatly reduced. The cost of composite decking is usually twice that of pressure-treated timber decking. But it is cheaper than hardwood such as IPE. At the same time, with the low maintenance cost of composite decks. The total cost of composite decking after long-term use is lower than that of wood decking.


Composite decking needs no maintenance! This is a good selling point, but this description is not completely accurate. Although the composite decking does require less maintenance than the pressure-treated lumber deck. And it does not mean that there is no maintenance. Composite decking will get dirty as well, and you still need to do some cleaning work.

But the composite decking is easier to clean than the wooden deck. Compared with wooden decks, wine stains and oil stains are less likely to remain on the composite decking surface. Every few months with a little soap and water, your composite decking can be refreshed. Although “maintenance-free” may be a misnomer, the low maintenance of the composite decking is a fact.

Plastic sense is obvious.

For the first generation of composite decks decades ago, this may be a fair assessment. But for the present composite decking, is one of the most beautiful outdoor decking materials. Composite decking has an excellent natural appearance and solid wood appearance. Which provides the best aesthetic appearance. The results of exquisite craftsmanship and technology have extraordinary beauty and quality. Bring a brand-new atmosphere to your outdoor decoration.

The coloring and surface of the composite deck are added at the time of manufacture. This means that homeowners can get any color they want. No matter what kind of house, there will always be a suitable composite decking to match your house. COOWIN is one of the main brands of composite decking. Which can flexibly meet the needs of any family project. Using modern composite materials, you will better improve the appearance and resale value of your house.

Composite deck is difficult to install

And other misunderstandings about composite decking are difficult to install. In fact, for those who are familiar with deck installation, the installation of composite decks is usually very simple. Because of the connection of boards, composite materials are easier to install than a most traditional wood decks.

According to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, with the help of an easy-to-install clip system. Even if you don’t have any experience in installing outdoor decks, you can effectively install new decks. After proper installation, the deck will not warp, crack or break. After the composite deck is installed, you can enjoy it immediately without sealing the deck.

Composite decks will fade, stain, and scratch.

This is true of the first-generation composite decking in the early days. But the third-generation composite materials have a capped shell system. These capped boards can effectively prevent fading, stains, and scratches. Modern composite decking can withstand decades of bad weather, sunshine, and the continuous flow of people. In addition, COOWIN composite decking provides a 25-year warranty, which will save you from worries.

With the development of society, composite decking is becoming more and more popular. If you consider replacing wooden deck boards or using a composite deck to build outdoor living space. Please contact us immediately, we can provide free samples. Let you have a deeper understanding of the composite deck, and our professional team can answer any misunderstandings about composite decking.

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