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4 Spring outdoor composite deck ideas

Friday, March 04, 2022

As the temperature gradually rises, the whole of nature seems to be reviving. It’s time to enjoy lunch on your deck with the family, or you can spend a charming afternoon in your hammock. Then you realize that after a full winter, your outdoor deck needs to be cleaned up. There’s pollen on the deck table, leaves have accumulated in the back corners of the deck, and the outdoor furniture needs rearranging. Well, it’s time to revamp your outdoor space! These 4 spring deck ideas can give you inspiration.

Deck Ideas to Welcome Spring

No need for elaborate furniture, create a corner to read and relax with a comfortable lounge chair or hammock. Read with a cup of coffee during preferred afternoon hours, or take a quiet nap in the warm breeze.

outdoor light | decking desigen

You can also hang strings of lights on the deck railings or porch shelves to create a festive atmosphere. Sparkling lights after sunset can extend your deck time. Use stair lights to illuminate the stairway and install recessed soffit lights to illuminate the space under the deck. Not only does it improve safety, but it also provides added convenience for you and your family.

Add a pop of color

With everything in season, warm, bright colors can make your outdoor living space pop. Turquoise, blue-green, and red are popular colors for spring. You can floor your outdoor deck and add pillows or cozy upholstery to inject vibrant colors into your outdoor space.

You can also opt for mid-century decor in vintage colors. Use patterns and color schemes in light green and orange to make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to the 1960s. Home décor such as outdoor rugs and painted side tables can make a space feel unified and complete.

Of course, you can also use beautiful flowers and greenery to add color to your deck. Either potted plants or a wall of greenery can give you a more natural look. All of the spring deck ideas ​will create a more inviting space

Fire pit or fire table

Although the cold winter months are over, the nights are still cooler. If you want to still enjoy your outdoor space in the spring evenings. Then adding a fire pit or fire table on or near your deck is a great idea. Both can warm your outdoor living space and provide a beautiful focal point.

While a fire pit can bring you more enjoyment, there are many considerations you need to understand. First and foremost, please avoid placing the heat source directly on your decorative panels. Fire pits can reach temperatures of 800°F and require the use of insulation such as fire rock to create a thermal barrier when in use. Also, do not use a wood-burning fire pit as the embers can escape and land on your deck causing damage or even fire.

Outdoor Gatherings

If you like to entertain friends and family, outdoor dining is a great idea. Build an outdoor kitchen or place a grill. Pull out a waterproof cart with your favorite drinks, or put a small wine table on the deck railing. You can then have your outdoor get-togethers with your family or friends while enjoying the view from afar.

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