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21 Ways to Decorate Your Balcony to Make the Most of Your Balcony Space

July 14, 2023

A balcony is a precious outdoor paradise that offers you a unique opportunity. Create a cozy and pleasant place to relax for you. Whether your balcony is small or large, maximizing its potential for comfort and style is crucial.

By incorporating thoughtful decorating ideas, you can turn your balcony into a charming oasis that blends seamlessly with your indoor living space. In this guide, we’ll provide you with creative and practical balcony decorating ideas. We’ll help you make the most of your balcony space so you can enjoy every moment in your own private outdoor sanctuary.

1. Make sure your balcony is safe for pets

Pets love stairs because they can walk out safely. By adding a composite fence or barrier to your balcony, you can make it a safe space for your pet to play. In addition, you can use the screening to support additional furniture or decorations.

2. Mirror Art

Even simple mirrors can have an amazing visual effect if placed in the right spot. For example, mirrors can make a small room feel bigger. You can also place mirrors on your porch to add a splash of color. On a smaller scale, you can create your own artistic mosaic with a few small mirrors.


3. Ideas for a private balcony

Privacy walls do more than just keep prying eyes out; they also make a room feel cozy. While you can find many different wood finishes, composite cladding can be a much better way to add style to your balcony. Additionally, since composite cladding is easy to install and maintain, it gives you more peace of mind.

4. Other ways to keep your balcony private

You don’t always need walls or screens to make a balcony more distinctive. There are many ways to change the privacy of your balcony. Split up longer, larger balconies, for example with flags and tapestries, or cleverly arrange seating.

5. Balcony flooring ideas

Many balconies have gray concrete floors that are neither attractive nor interesting. However, changing the flooring in your home doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. If you live in a rented home, adding a few outdoor rugs may be all it takes to make your balcony look its best.

If you own your home, you may also want to consider installing composite decking. COOWIN composite decking comes in a wide range of types and colors that can better decorate your balcony and give it a new look.

6. Consider tiling

Laying carpet can be a quick and easy fix, but laying quality tiles is one of the best ways to make your balcony feel more like an interior space. You can even use a little imagination to make your own unique geometric shapes. Just make sure you use outdoor tiles that will stand up to the weather on your balcony.


7. Balcony Garden Ideas

Who doesn’t love a little grass on their balcony? It makes you feel like you are in nature. Gardening is fun for many people and trailing and hanging plants on the porch can make it even more fun.

You can grow your own herbs and berries, surround yourself with summer flowers, or create an evergreen balcony. If you choose your plants carefully, you can have a low-maintenance patio garden that is beautiful and doesn’t require much care.

8. Use your balcony as an extension of your living room

Everyone loves a cozy living room, and making one on your balcony doesn’t require much work. In most cases, all you need is a few seats and a coffee table in the right place. You can also add some pillows or blankets, and it is important to note that these materials should be suitable for outdoor use.


9. Enhance your indoor space

You can turn your balcony into an extension of your indoor space by making it look like any room connected to it. If the inside of your home is all beige and brown, you can create a sense of continuity by keeping this color scheme where your home meets the balcony. This looks beautiful and makes your home feel welcoming.

10. Ideas for small balconies

Want to use a smaller space for your belongings? Putting things on shelves can make a balcony feel bigger. For example, you can use stacked tables or garbage cans that hang from the ceiling. If you hang or stack them to make your own vertical garden, you can double the number of plants on your balcony.


11. Add a balcony table

Don’t have enough space for a table? You can transform your balcony railing and turn it into a table with a bar. This is perfect for small outdoor places as it gives you a place to put your food, drinks, laptop, or more decorations.

12. Set up different areas

When you have a larger balcony, you may have enough space to separate it into different areas. For example, you can have coffee and a view on one side of the balcony, drink and eat on the other, and cook on the other side. You just need to plan how people will move around the space and take steps to make each place feel different.


13. Balcony Furniture Ideas

Wooden furniture works well outdoors and many types of furniture will not rot. However, wooden furniture is not the only option. Synthetic wicker is inexpensive and stands up to the elements. Furniture covers protect your indoor furniture from weather damage, and folded-up furniture saves space. You can also get patio furniture ideas from furniture made of composite materials. Check out Trex outdoor chairs to see what options you have.

14. Balcony Lighting Designs

String lights are a great way to decorate your balcony. Hanging lights is both aesthetically pleasing and illuminating. Installing string lights yourself is usually cheap and easy, and the lights can be very flexible for different situations. For example, you can choose colored lights that can be changed according to the seasons, such as bright colors for the holidays and cool white or champagne-colored lights for the summer.


15. More ideas for balcony lights

String lights create a great atmosphere, but they are not as useful as better, more direct lighting. In the right place, good lighting can make a big difference and make your balcony easier to use day or night. If you’re fixing up the railings, it might be a good time to add lighting, which can make the area more interesting.

16. Add a sofa

Chaise lounges and other outdoor furniture have their place. But if you want your lounge space to feel very comfortable, adding a sofa or chaise lounge is the best way to go. Make sure the sofa you use is designed for outdoor use. If not, you need to take steps to protect it from the weather.


17. Recycle and reuse

Adding comfortable seating to your perfect balcony escape is no easy task, the key is to find the right option for your space. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can create some easy-to-store seating by stacking the ends of a couple of wooden crates and laying outdoor blankets on top. When you add a table to your patio railing, you have an inexpensive bar that can be set up in place.

18. Balcony Railing Ideas

Balcony railings are an important part of both the look and safety of your balcony. In fact, putting the right railings on your balcony can make it look even better. It’s not hard to make a change. There are plenty of prefabricated railing kits that make it easy to have a beautiful balcony without having to build it from scratch.


19. Create a place to lie down

Sitting is great, but sometimes a nap outdoors is even better. Whether you want a lounge chair, a hammock or a pull-out futon, you’ll need to leave a little space. You can relax even more if you choose to decorate your balcony this way!

20. Add shade

You can control the intensity of the sunlight on your balcony by installing shades. For example, you can place plants on upright shelves to create a more natural effect. Alternatively, you can hang shade sails, erect an awning, or even add a deck umbrella to shield you from the sun and rain.

21. The whole package

It doesn’t have to be a big deal to completely transform your deck. A few well-chosen pillows and an outdoor rug can give your deck a homey feel. Just find an open space and leave the rest to your imagination.

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