Formaldehyde-free Outdoor Balcony WPC Decking Floor


Unformaldehyde outdoor balcony WPC decorates the floor, healthy, beautiful, you should install the high quality floor of outdoor balcony.Formaldehyde is a kind of volatile gas that is harmful to human body, woodiness product, paint and coating commonly contain formaldehyde.Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can cause human discomfort and can lead to a variety of diseases.There are a variety of standards for formaldehyde emission, and the international standard for environmental protection is E1 and E2.E2 is less than 0.5 mg/m3, E1 is less than 0.12 mg/m3, E1 means “can be ignored and is completely harmless to human body”.Unformaldehyde outdoor balcony WPC decorates the floor, response compound wood floor manufacturer E0 level environmental protection standard, the amount of formaldehyde per cubic meter is less than 0.01 milligram, almost can be regarded as nonexistent.Unformaldehyde outdoor balcony WPC decorates the floor to ensure that children and pregnant women are completely harmless, guarding family safety and family health.

Unformaldehyde outdoor balcony WPC decorates the floor to apply E0 standard to outdoor environment, completely eliminate formaldehyde to human body injury.The formaldehyde release standard of outdoor floor is generally much higher than indoor floor, most people agree that outdoor balcony ventilates the ability of ventilation and ventilation is higher, so can reduce the requirement that the floor formaldehyde content.But in fact, outdoor balcony temperature and sunshine time long wait for characteristic more advantageous formaldehyde volatilization.Outdoor balcony is an important area of family activities, if do not take the outdoor balcony decoration floor formaldehyde release a quantity, formaldehyde may harm the activity on the balcony of the people’s health and can penetrate the interior.

No formaldehyde outdoor balcony WPC decorates the floor, follow the highest environmental protection standard, build the most safe outdoor balcony wood plastic floor.