The value of WPC product


As a new alternative material for traditional outdoor decorative materials, WPC (wood plastic composite) material has a prominent market value.In the current decorative materials market, WPC material has quite a few functions or characters much better than solid wood/ real wood, that is the very reason it getting more and more popular in the market. When we comparing the WPC and solid wood, we can consider from two main dimensions: one is the environmental performance of the two, and the other is the product performance of the two.The environmental performance can be divided into 2 aspects: eco-environmental performance and safety performance.From the aspect of eco-environmental performance, WPC material is made from recyclable wood powders and resion, through a extruding process. This performance can effectively avoid cutting down forests and wasting plastics.From the aspect of safety performance, the carbon emission from WPC materials are even can’t be detected by professional SGS testing center. What’s more important is that WPC doesn’t require to be painted, which can avoid problem of toxic gases in volatile paint works, and means WPC material can make people’s live away from the risk or damage to the body.

As for the product performance, the product characteristics of WPC products are 4-6 times of ordinary solid wood. More details about the specific characteristics of them will be described in the following The Difference Between WPC and Solid Wood.

Please check the PDF file:  Decking material contrast