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16 Creative Ideas for Patio Privacy Fences

Monday, May 27, 2024

With a privacy fence, you can have fun with your friends on your patio without worrying about what your neighbors, or other people passing by, might see. However, building a fence can be a big job, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. You should check your local zoning laws to see if there are any height restrictions and double-check your ground lines. You may also need to obtain permits for building plans ahead of time.

After the stressful preparations are over, it’s time for some inspiration. Check out these privacy fence ideas. They range from unique materials that won’t break the bank to classic styles that everyone loves.

Composite Privacy Fence

Composite privacy fencing is a great material for yard decoration, especially if you want your backyard to be both private and beautiful at the same time. This fencing material is sturdy and durable and is easy to install and clean.

Once you’ve completed your fencing project, you’ll only need to clean it regularly to maintain its attractive appearance. And you don’t need to do regular maintenance and upkeep work on it like you would with a wood fence.


Sturdy Wire Fencing

Wire fences are cheap, but they are not the best way to protect privacy per se. Still, if you want to protect your children and pets from wildlife, it can do the job.

Lay a mesh, tarp, or fabric on one side of the wire fence and tighten it. This will add privacy. You can also plant a row of trees or bushes along the fence. Fake boxwood leaves are also a good choice.

Pallet Fencing

Wooden pallets are usually easy to find and free if you are prepared to pick up and carry them yourself. In this case, you’ll need a truck or buggy.

Pallet fencing is cheap, but you will need to do some of the work yourself. You can be as creative as you like, which is a plus. You can weave LED lights into the panels or build a garden out of hanging planters.


Artificial Green Fence

Boxwood plants are very popular right now, and they make great protective walls that you can even build yourself. You can buy fake boxwood in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as square panels and hedge rolls. This option works best for walls that are already there but may be too transparent, such as chain link fences. To keep plants close to the fence, simply use zipper ties. You can place plants around the entire perimeter of the fence, or only in areas that need more protection.

Horizontal Wooden Fence

For a basic look, a wood fence is always a good option. You can also build one yourself if you know how to work with wood and tools. For a modern look that allows you to see outside without letting others see inside. You can choose a fence with horizontal wooden boards, such as a trellis fence.

Vertical Wooden Fence

Since wood fences are very flexible, you can line up vertical boards that are taller than regular fences to make it look like an outside wall. For extra security, vertical board fences have slats that are very close to each other. If you don’t mind leaving some space between the slats, a hedge will also work.


Tree Fencing

Planting a tree fence around your yard will give you a sense of privacy and some shade, perfect for relaxing outdoors on a summer day. You can plant the trees yourself or hire a local gardening company to do it for you.

Hedge or Shrub Fencing

For privacy, plant a shrub or hedge fence. You can do this yourself or hire a gardener to help.

You can use shrubs and hedges to form a fence line on their own, or you can place them next to an existing fence that needs more protection. Keep in mind that this option requires regular pruning and maintenance.

Hedge Walls

Hedgerow walls are one of the oldest and best-known fences. Choose a tall fence wall or plant trees or bushes outside for maximum protection. Hedge walls can be made of metal, vinyl, cellular PVC, natural wood, or even composite fencing materials.


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great option. Not only does it provide you with security and privacy, but it also requires less long-term maintenance than a wood fence. In addition, installing a PVC fence is faster and cheaper than installing a wood fence.

Vinyl fencing, like composite fencing, also looks very neat and beautiful, giving your home a more luxurious look.

Panel Fencing

A fence that consists of multiple frames is known as a panel fence. This option gives you a lot of freedom to change the style and material. You can choose to keep the unfinished wood frames or add textured metal pieces between the frames for a more industrial look.

Stone Fencing

A stone fence is also a great way to make your house more private. It has a natural feel to it that you might find in the suburbs or in highland European countries like England. Stacking stones and sticking them together with mortar creates a wall. This type of wall is called a mortar stone wall.


Gabion Fence

A gabion fence is also a type of stone fence where stones are stacked in a metal basket instead of being joined together with mortar. It surrounds a garden or other area. This type of fence is cheaper than others that are installed by professionals, but it can be difficult to install yourself without the help of a local fence builder.

Trellis Fencing

Trellis fencing is a diamond-patterned panel usually made of composite material or vinyl. Stacking composite trellis panels on top of each other makes an interesting privacy fence. Or add wood trellis panels to the top of an existing fence to make it taller and cover more ground.

Ironwork Fences

Traditional iron fences are cute, but they usually don’t give you enough privacy. If you really want an iron fence, you might also want to get some trees or bushes to plant around the edge of the fence to give yourself a little more protection.


Brick Fence

The height of your brick fence depends on you and your city or town. We recommend planting trees, boxwoods, or tall shrubs along the fence of a lower brick wall to give the area a more private feel. If you can’t afford to plant flowers, you can add trellis panels at the top for more coverage for less money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Low-maintenance Privacy Fence?

When it comes to low maintenance, composite fencing is the best option. That’s because you don’t have to worry about dents, peeling paint, or weather damage. Composite fencing is made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers. It won’t require repairs or maintenance for years, and it’s strong and durable.

Which Type of Privacy Fence Is Easiest to Install?

There are many types of privacy fencing that are easy to install yourself, such as wood fencing, composite fencing, and pallet fencing. Pallet fences are often considered the easiest privacy fence to install because the fence components are already assembled. Simply place the fence posts on the ground and slide the pallets onto the posts. Then use scrap boards to secure them in place.

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