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10 Outdoor Deck and Patio Landscaping Ideas

Monday, August 15, 2022

An outdoor deck or patio with a beautiful view can create a reassuring and comfortable space for you to relax. But you may need to do a lot of work to get a perfect outdoor living space. You need to carefully consider issues such as space, cost, and maintenance, and make a matching deck design in conjunction with your home. Even though every backyard is different, it helps to have some ideas so you can see what’s possible and what’s your own. Let’s get some deck and patio landscaping ideas below.

How do I landscape my outdoor deck or patio?

When you decide to install outdoor deck projects, it’s time to start putting them into action. When integrating your deck or patio into your backyard landscape, you need to plan accordingly.

deck and patio design ideas

Choose your materials and define the borders

You can make a border around your backyard landscape with plants, trees, shrubs, and fences. For example, if your deck is near a swimming pool, local laws may require you to put up a fence as a safety measure to prevent people from using your pool without your supervision. If this is the case, a fence should be part of your landscaping plan.

In addition, you can narrow down your choices by knowing which plants or shrubs might work with your landscaping and how much sunlight, water, and overall care they will require

Breaking Ground

You should also plan to dig up any existing grass, place border edges, and lay down landscape fabric to reduce the amount of grass or weeds that could damage your carefully planted backyard landscape.

Planting and adding materials

After you’ve planned your landscape and made sure the ground is ready, it’s time to complete your plan and put your plants in place. On top of your landscaping fabric, you can also place mulch or rock beds. By using these materials in your design, you can reduce the time it takes to mow or maintain your yard. You can also use different types of mulch or gravel to add color or pattern. This is the final touch that will make your dream backyard landscape come true.

In addition to plants, mulch, and stonework, your backyard has other design ideas and features to consider. Some of the best ideas for backyard decks and patios include colorful pillows, barbecue spaces or outdoor dining areas, and different lighting options that make the space feel warm and inviting.

Outdoor Decks and Patios Landscaping Ideas

With the right landscaping, your outdoor decks and patios can make your home and backyard look even better. Check out our composite deck and patio landscaping ideas gallery for ideas and learn how to make these ideas work in your own yard.

Place flowers and trees around your patio

By planting colorful and fragrant flowers in bushes around your deck, you’ll not only create a natural border but also improve the view. Think of plants and shrubs that will bloom time and time again. For example, hydrangeas grow best in partial shade, so a few small trees can give them just the right amount of shade.

Trees and bushes around elevated decks

If you have a raised deck or patio, consider the height of the shrubs and plants you want to place around it. Tall bushes can help hide unsightly crawl spaces and fill in the space where your deck rises.

Rock Beds and Minimalist Landscaping

Rock beds may be a great way to separate your patio from your lawn. You can plant small shrubs or trees in these areas, but grass or weeds are less likely to grow there and take over your yard. This can save you hours of weeding and keep the area around your deck looking clean and tidy.

Add flower beds and planters around your deck or patio

Planting boxes are a great way to put plants on a raised deck, and they’re easy to make. You can match your deck with large planters made of the same type of wood or composite material. You can put plants and flowers in these pots and then place them on your deck. Elegantly climbing pergolas or ivy can add interest without a lot of work.

Use mulch to control plants

By covering your landscaping fabric with mulch, you can discourage weed growth and place plants as well. Built-in planters provide a landscaped look to this multi-level deck and patio that you can care for without mowing or pulling weeds.

Use rocks to make a pond in your yard

Don’t have a spring in your yard? No problem! Artificial ponds can be surrounded by rocks that are put together in creative ways. By adding mulch and shrubs, you can make the area around your yard look good.

Use mulch and gravel to prevent plant overgrowth

If your deck or patio is not raised off the ground, there are smart ways to keep you from having to mow or weed around your deck. Better yet, these design tips can also help you create a beautiful oasis in your backyard. Areas around the deck that have been dug out and covered with landscape fabric can be used as a base layer for mulch. Adding an artificial gravel bed can also prevent unwanted plant takeovers. You can also mix different colors of gravel together to create an eye-catching pattern.

Consider the landscape around the house

Large homes with unique features and large floor-to-ceiling windows often need a large and impressive raised deck to match. This deck has beautiful stonework and LED lights that illuminate each step of the many staircases. The white railings match the white trim of the house and the light-colored stonework on the deck ties the look together.

Keep your landscaping ideas simple so they don’t disappear from these beautiful features. By adding the same brown mulch as the pavers, you can discourage excessive plant growth and provide a place for some well-placed shrubs to stand out.

Make the most of your space

This backyard space takes full advantage of the stone DIY paver patio under the raised deck. The patio is surrounded by different colored rock beds and mulch, and there is room to add some beautiful plants to view.

Light up your view

Even after the sun goes down, adding lights to your deck or patio landscape can help you enjoy the beautiful look of your backyard. Trees, shrubs, and flowers of different sizes add interest to raised deck decks by creating borders around them. Lighting at the base of the deck draws attention to the carefully planted shrubs, making the space feel warm and inviting.

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