10 Facts You Never Knew About Composite Decking



Composite decking is becoming more and more popular, which is applied widely in various occasions. Woodgrain surface composite decking building material is welcomed by people from all over the world, because of its environmentally-friendly features.

Today, we are going to know 10 facts you have to know about the composite decking before you shop for it.


Composite Decking Material

Composite decking is totally different from the traditional wood or ceramic building material, composite decking is special for its “composite”, which is made of a mixture of the wood fiber powder, recycled plastic material, and other chemical additives. Composite decking is much stronger than the traditional building material with the help of the composite material.


Composite Decking Types

Composite decking has some different forms, such as solid composite decking, hollow composite decking, capped composite decking, etc. the solid composite decking is much heavier than the hollow one, but it more natural surface the wood.


More Expensive

When it comes to the price of the composite decking, it is much higher than the traditional wood decking, but the price values the quality. Composite decking can be used up to 25 years, so it is less costly than the regular wood building material in the long run.


Longer Life Span

Traditional wood decking is easy to be corroded with the time goes by, furthermore, the outdoor composite decking is exposed to the rain and sun all year round. It must be designed with strong weather resistance.


Flexible Shapes

Composite decking can be cut into your wanted shapes, using the tools, such as the electric saw. Composite decking can be molded to be longer; you can cut it into the sizes you want.



The natural wood decking will be faded exposed to rain, so you have to the complicated maintenance work year by year, wasting the extra time and money on coating, painting work. But composite decking doesn’t need this, the non-fading surface will keep itself natural look like new.



The surface of the composite decking can be designed with different textures, it is not slippery like the ceramic or cement floor. Composite decking can keep it cool even during the rainy days; you don’t worry about the aged people while walking on it.


Easy installation

Composite decking installation is not a difficult thing, you can do DIY by yourself creating your ideal decking floor with your own ideas. Screws and nails are important for the composite decking installation, for more detailed information, you can click here to know about the composite decking installation instruction.


Various Colors and Sizes

Composite decking has various colors and sizes, you can choose the type you want. COOWIN composite decking will provide the personalized choices for you, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Healthy Material

Composite decking is a type of creative building material, which can be used to replace the wood decking. It is a revolutionary product helping people cut fewer trees and release less pollution.