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The seven mistakes in the selection of wood - plastic flooring!

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Wood plastic floor

Wood plastic floor is the floor of the incremental market rapidly in recent years, consumers for its peculiar texture luster and stable product performance is very favorable, but due to the nature of consumers strangers wood plastic floor, with imaginary quality measure to choose and buy, so often produce expensive but the result of the Clinton embarrassing scene. Therefore, we remind consumers that the following seven myths must be paid attention to when purchasing wood-plastic floors:


Myth 1: add a big core board when laying.

Some consumer to pursue foot feeling, add a layer of big core board on the keel.

In reality, the quality of the large core board is very different, and the quality of the flooring of wood-plastic floorboard will be affected by the inferior large core board.Therefore, if consumers have to look for a high sense of foot, they should choose the product of the famous brand large core board sold in the market.


Mistake 2: only repurchase not heavy shop.

Wood plastic floor is directly pasting method, keel laying ideas spread ideas, suspension, namely the wall wet leakage, ground not stem, whole not spread;

Confusion of construction; Use inferior auxiliary material not to shop;

Too urgent to implement the process; The product of the invention has a quality problem; No flat color difference is required.


Myth no. 3: it's just as common to maintain.

Some consumers think that wood plastic floor does not need to individuation to maintenance, direct mop the floor with a mop, for heating water on the heart, not time, floor product is easy to produce discoloration, deformation, cracks and other topics.Use wooden floor, must press the requirement of the manufacturer to raise floor regularly.


Myth 4: wood plastic floor is not green.

Some consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, plus wood skin between layers of glue, oak solid wood composite floor formaldehyde content is high, not environmental protection.In reality, wood - plastic floor formaldehyde release amount as long as the control within the realm of demarcation within the realm, can be safely used.


Myth 5: selling and laying are separated.

The real wood floor of high character and solid wood compound floor product manufacturer same often have the professional shop outfit team or professional shop outfit guide, the shop that sells the goods to sell goods to handle affairs.If consumers have sold and the shop is not unified home unit, will progress, once a topic in the future, very probably cause two side push to take off each other's environment, cause consumers to say.Therefore, consumers should try to sell and shop uniform.


Myth 6: look for the plain board not to buy the paint board.

Some consumers think plank is real wood plastic floor, and self-control and temporary expensive department of paint can also save a processing fee, but I don't know the paint itself probably cause floor contaminated, paint quality won't guaranteeing and subject;And lacquer board is manufactured by machine, the production line that is more active to hold a job, eliminate pollution greatly, make product more environmental protection.


Myth 7: too much search for texture.

The wood plastic floor is a natural wood finished product, the tree because of the place that is planted is different, sunshine illuminates and so on factor difference, the luster of its wood also is not identical.Else, you are unified sawing wood cutting down the plate, due to the location of the cut saw the difference, color depth, the wood texture will not identical, so the wood plastic floor sign of unyielding scale, color and pattern objectively it is natural signs, need not to demanding the same color.